Monday, 1 October 2012

Fashion & Toys: Sugar Skulls Keychain

Sugar Skulls keychain in purple
This pretty little face was given to me for my birthday last week! It's a Sugar Skulls keyring (purple), which has carved / engraved patterns all over it, including a longhorn-type skull on its forehead and flowers on the side. 

Longhorn on forehead
Flower on the left side
The height of the skull part is approximately 2 inches / 5cm and it's fairly heavy for a keyring! I like that about it though.

Back of skull
The only place I've been able to find them online is on The Works webshop, although they don't have the keychain version, only the clips. There are four kinds available: purple, black, yellow, and cream, each featuring a different design / pattern. The purple type is exactly the same as this one, apart from having a clip, but it's much closer to the colour in the photos in this post, rather than the bright pink colour in the webshop.

You can find all four variants stocked at The Works via the links below:


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