Monday, 8 October 2012

8th: Halloween Decor - Spider's Kiss Poison Bottle

This Spider's Kiss potion bottle prop was given to me last month (so I don't know where it's from) and it's wonderful! It actually looks much better in person than the photos I've taken are depicting. The bottle is made of glass and, including the crow bottle stop, is a bit shorter than an average bottle of wine. It is essentially just an empty, black bottle, but the little details are what make it great.

The crow bottle stop has molded details on its wings, tail and beak, and the eye is a little crystal. A little further down, the lip is in clear glass and the neck, like the rest of the bottle,  is covered in silver cord. I've seen bottles with the same label as this one, but they never seem to have the same top to them, unfortunately. Speaking of which....another area that boasts some lovely details is the label. 

The curls around the main design and the black widow spider - complete with hourglass pattern - help to give it a spooky feel. Then there's the warning underneath the widow:

"Creeping ulcers, paralysis and finally DEATH!"? Nice! For that reason, it would be excellent to fill up and pour drinks out of, but sadly, I'm not sure it would wash very well. Still, as a decoration it's still a great find and I'm glad to have it!

EDIT: I asked the person who gave this to me, and apparently it came from TK Maxx :)

This post is part of The Countdown to Halloween

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