Saturday, 26 June 2010

Fashion: T.U.K. Shoes

TUK have been terribly helpful and combined two of my loves - horror and shoes! Whilst I'm the first to admit that shoes are not usually very creepy nor horror-related, I think these are absolutely worthy of a mention.

As TUK themselves described these purple and black wonders "Cotton candy colours, cupcakes and skulls, Oh My!" Indeed.

Cute and spooky not your style? Not to worry! There's something for you classic horror lovers too, with TUK's Anti Pop Heels, featuring green stitches, purple lightning bolts and their version of The Bride of Frankenstein:
And if you're still not satisfied, they even have flip flops, complete with skulls and bone-shaped grips. Perfect for those long Summer days spent hiding from the sun, watching old Dracula movies at the beach.
To get your claws on these and other TUK horrors, visit their online store:

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