Horror Shock Lolipop

Started in 2009 as Horror Shock by Lilia Tombs, our team has slowly grown and we became Horror Shock Lolipop in 2010. ("Lolipop" is misspelled purposefully) Our name is a mixture of scary and cute, and we write about anything and everything that fits that description. However, the most important thing is that our posts relate to horror, Halloween, and the strange and unusual.

We always love finding out about new things, so if you have any news suggestions, something you'd like us to feature / review, or if you would like to write for HSL, let us know in the Contact section!

Our Writers:
  • Lilia Tombs 
  • Madame Luciel 
  • Vagina Galore

Tumblr Maintained By:
  • sad Oasis

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