Saturday, 31 March 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Hello, dear devils and horror dollies! As I'm sure you've notices, HSL has been rather inactive lately, but in our absence the always fabulous Kei from Unfortunately Oh! has chosen HSL as one of her 5 for the Liebster Blog Award
So, maniacal cackling psychos in elevators full of blood to her for that :)

There's more good news too! Now I get to choose 5 blogs for a Liebster Blog Award too! 
The blogs below are always full of fantastic entries, so I highly recommend checking them out:

1. Holly's Horrorland A horrific blog filled with all sorts of scary delights! Holly was also the brains behind the Vampire's Day Soiree blog event.
2. Little Gothic Horrors A blog about everything gothic, spooky and strange! Emma, the very talented owner, also makes amazing little dolls called Little Gothic Horrors. (Alright, so she has over 200 followers, but I love this blog so I don't care :P)
3. Bethezda's Preoccupations Run by the gorgeous Bethezda, this blog often focuses on dark fashion and make-up, but there's plenty of other interesting topics included regularly too! (Again, 211 followers, but I'm still going to include this blog)
4. Something WicKED this Way Comes If you need a fix of Halloween in the sunny days to come, this is definitely the place to go. Creepy reviews and fascinating posts, all related to the best day of the year!
5. Wednesday's Attic Including posts featuring everything from Jan Svankmejer to coffin-themed furniture and more, this blog is brimming with all things gloriously strange, bizarre and unique.

Now these five lovely bloggers get the chance to pass the award along too!

These are the rules for passing it along.
  • Choose 5 up and coming blogs to award with less than 200 followers.
  • Show your appreciation to the blogger who awarded you by linking back to them.
  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Link back to the blogs you are awarding so that everyone else can pay them a visit.
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