Sunday, 21 July 2013

Music & Events: The Candy Spooky Theater US Tourdates / Pandemonium Tour Vol. 1

Tainted Reality, who are the US management of horror rock band The Candy Spooky Theater, have announced that the band will be on tour in the US again this autumn as part of the Pandemonium Tour Vol. 1. DJ SiSeN, GPK, and Mighty Mike Saga will also be taking part in the tour. At this time, all information is subject to change, but the current dates are as follows:
  • Sep. 27th - Bellingham, WA (TCST only)
  • Oct. 2nd - Bellingham, WA (DJ SiSeN & GPK only)
  • Oct. 4th - Bellingham, WA (DJ SiSeN & GPK only)
  • Oct. 5th - Bellingham, WA (TCST only)
  • Oct. 9th - San Francisco, CA (TBA)
  • Oct. 11th - Das Bunker, Los Angeles, CA (All artists attending, performance by DJ SiSeN only)
  • Oct. 12th - Complex. Los Angeles CA (All)
  • Oct. 13th - Phoenix, AZ (TBA)
  • Oct. 14th - San Antonio, TX (TBA)
  • Oct. 16th - Boston, MA (TBA)
  • Oct. 17th - New York, NY (TBA)
  • Oct. 18th - Philadelphia, PA (TBA)
  • Oct. 21st - Columbus, OH (TBA)
  • Oct. 26th - Mexico City, MX (DJ SiSeN & GPK only)
  • Oct. 27th - Mexico City, MX (DJ SiSeN & GPK only)
  • Nov. 1st-3rd - Nekocon (All artists attending, performance by DJ SiSeN only)
  • Nov. 4th - Norfolk, VA (TBA)
You can buy tickets for the two TCST solo shows via NeonPromotions at TicketLeap here: TICKETS

For up-to-date information, check the official TCST website or Tainted Reality's website.


  1. I take it that Norfolk is not the original one back here in Britain where people potter up and down in sailing boats in the summer and drink real ale and eat ice cream....

    Still there are some strange folk about in that part of the world so you can never tell....

    1. No, sadly not the Norfolk over here :( Do they eat Little Baby's Ice Cream in UK Norfolk? That would be fairly strange...


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