Ghoulish Creatures

Horror Shock Lolipop is run by a team of weirdos from various parts of the world. 
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Our Members:

Name: Lilia Tombs
From: UK

About: Anything and everything horror & Halloween-related fascinates me - from gothic horror vampire movies to kitsch creepy cute dolls to bloody, gory zombies games and more. 

Anything else? Eyeballs

Name: Madame Luciel
From: The Sea of Serenity

How did you get into all things spooky and horror?
I have always had...darker interests! So it was natural that I would go for that kind of thing!

First horror movie you saw?
...I don't remember...I used to watch lots of 50s b-movie sci fi horror. Films with stop-motion animation and giant monsters!

Favourite movies: Alien (series), old 50s b movies, Troma, dark fairytale-like films (Pans Labyrinth etc.), techno horror, classic horror (especially ones with Dr. Pretorius)

Anything else? I think in green, black, purple, pink and blue

Name: Vagina Galore
From: Vaginaland

How did you get into all things spooky and horror?
I really don't remember exactly 'how' I got into horror related things, my father has always been a huge fan of horror movies, especially a huge fan of ' The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ' , ' Halloween ' , ' Nightmare of Elm Street '. As far as I can remember, my father always showed me clips from these horror movies when my mother was for example grocery shopping or somewhere else.

First horror movie you saw?
Well, the first clip I saw was from ' The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ' but the first movie, I think, was The Invisible Man from 1933.

Favourite movies: Oh dear... House on Haunted Hill (Both), The Invisible Man (1933), The Mummy (1932), The Nightmare Before Christmas, 13 Ghosts, The Fifth Element, Komisario Palmu trilogy, Soldier's Girl, Halloween, Poltergeist, just to name a few.

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