Friday, 7 February 2014

Events: Seriously Staked: Vampire Symposium

Seriously Staked: Vampire Symposium
Seriously Staked: Vampire Symposium 2014 is being is co-organised by ASSAP (the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) and the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths College and will take place on Saturday, 8th March 2014, at Goldsmith's College, University of London, UK. 

The event features a number of guest speakers and...
"...brings together a wide variety of subject experts and academics to talk about a range of questions concerning vampires. These include: 
Can science explain vampires?
Do real vampire hunting kits exist?
How have vampires impacted western culture?
What is the crossover between vampires and other anomalous phenomena?
Was Transylvania vampirism a communist trick to attract tourists?
What is the London vampire community today?
Do real vampires exist?"

Early bird tickets cost £15, with regular ticket prices being £25; full-time students are eligible for free tickets.

To find out more information or to purchase tickets, you can visit the Seriously Staked website.

Event news found via The Spooky Isles Facebook Page.


  1. Well that could be fun, but it is entirely impossible for me to go. After all I would have to get a large box of soil transported down and then I find hotels get annoyed by a huge box of soil in the bedroom as well as guests complaining of being bitten on the neck in the middle of the night. On top of that they will insist on opening the curtains in the morning and charge a fortune for a Bloody Mary, some hotels dont even have anyone called Mary working for them.

    Have a good time if you go. . . . . . . . .

    1. Ah, that's too bad! Those hotels really need to stop their discrimination against the undead! Well it would probably be somewhat boring for you anyway, as you already know all there is to know about the legends of your kind.

      I won't be going either, but it seems like it will be an interesting event!


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