Monday, 8 August 2011

Monster Monday!

Welcome boils and ghouls to Horror Shock Lolipop's first Monster Monday! We'll be featuring a different monster (from movies, books, games, mythology etc.) every Monday from now on, because honestly, who wouldn't want to kick their week off by reading about scary creatures!

We'd also love to see submissions from everyone else as well, so if you want to take part in Monster Monday at your blog, let us know and we'll link to your post or feature your contribution on HSL! Posts can be about anything monster themed - movie reviews, art, cupcakes, game trailers, fiction, cryptids, figures & dolls etc. All we ask is that submissions are in by the preceding Sunday so that we have time to compile the list. To submit a link or ask a question, please post a comment on this entry, or e-mail us at:

If you want to be kind and link back to Monster Monday, please use the banner below:

Happy chest-bursting, building stomping, blood-sucking posting all!


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