Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fashion & How-to Guides: Spooky Nail Art

My friend and I were bored last week, so I decided to do some spooky nail art. It was fun and so I thought I'd make it into a how-to guide, just in case you too find yourself with nothing better to do! 

Guide & close-ups of each nail are after the cut below↓

1. Start by putting base coat on the nails

2. Paint each nail the basic colour you want it to be. Don't worry if it's messy at this point, you can tidy it up later

3. Draw a basic skeleton shape on one of the thumbnails (it can be on any nail, but the thumbs give the biggest area, on which to draw)

4. Add details in black (or whatever colour your nail base is) and tidy the design up a little

5. Add a hat and nail tip in red glitter

6. Paint white stripes across the other thumbnail

7.  Paint a basic green (or whichever colour you want) skull shape over the top

8. After giving the skull a second coat of green nail polish, add the facial details and outlines. You can also add a bow tie if your skull is particularly dapper

9. The other nails are fairly self-explanatory because they use the same application methods as the thumbs, so I'll just skip add a top coat (2 coats would be best) and you're done! If you need to tidy up the edges, using a cotton bud and nail polish remover make things easier.


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