Friday, 23 September 2011

Fright-day Foods: Halloween Cake Bars & A Bug Casket Cake

It could be the jack o' lanterns in the window. It could be the various disgusting decorations on the door. It could be the vile zombie/blood soaked/stitched together hostess that greets them at the door. It could be the eerie music floating over the windy October air. I don't know the reason, but the trick or treaters venture to my house on Halloween each year. So, as I like to be sociable for one out of 365 days, those who bother to dress up receive some sort of sugary placation. Below is a photograph of some of the "treats" I gave out last year. There were also candies on offer, but these cake bars and mini rolls from Cadbury seemed most popular...

The cake bars were also the right size to make a casket for the top of a cake I made last year. There are no how-to guide photos unfortunately, but I can tell you what it's made of. 

The cake is a basic chocolate sponge cake recipe, he casket in the centre is a Cinder Toffee cake bar decorated with icing, the bugs are almonds painted with food colouring and detailed with icing, and the maggots are cashew nuts with icing lines on them. Very simple and fun to make. I did rush it, so it wasn't the neatest thing I've ever produced, but then again, for Halloween, I don't think it has to be!


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