Friday, 23 September 2011

Fright-day Foods: Spooky Flapjack Fingers

This week, as well as posting a spooky food tutorial for Fright-day Foods, I thought I'd also post some creepy confectionery that I bought/was bought for me last year (no, I don't get Halloween gifts, but when people see Halloween/horror things, they feel the urge to get it for me apparently, heehee). The first item is Spooky Flapjack Fingers from The Fabulous Bakin' Boys. Being quite honest, the "spookiest" thing about these is the packaging, because the actual product is essentially just finger-shaped flapjacks with jam in the middle. I don't know what else I was expecting really...actual bloody fingers.

These were one of the gifts I received last year, so I don't know how much they cost, sorry. I think they were purchased in Sainsbury's though, so perhaps they'll have them again this year. I am glad they at least made the effort to put out a Halloween product, complete with spooky rhyme, though. Whilst those of you in the US might be used to seeing a mass of Halloween fare in the shops each year, here in the UK there usually isn't much, so anything like this still makes me smile!

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  1. We're really pleased that you enjoyed last year's Fabulous Bakin' Boys Halloween Flapjacks (sorry to disappoint you on the real-finger front!).

    This year Fabulous Bakin' Boys are doing a range of cupcakes that are available from Tesco and ASDA. Each one has a little "trick" for you to try on the wrapper... And there's even a Facebook competiton for people to upload their "Trick before you Treat" photos, and the chance to win a selection of cake!

    I'll happily send you a box of this year's cupcakes to review if you fancy something new for your Halloween posts?

    If that's something you fancy please drop me an email: bakinboys[at]

    Thanks again,

    BOTTLE PR, on behalf of Fabulous Bakin' Boys


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