Saturday, 10 September 2011

Art & Toys: Bob Conge / Plaseebo - Brain Rider

'Brain Rider'
Bob Conge / Plaseebo will be showing the above, one of a kind, 'Brain Rider' custom at the Toy Art Gallery's “Brain Evolution” Custom Group Show. Conge's custom displays his distinctive figure-painting style and is a combination of the Jumping Brain and a version of Plaseebo's much loved Skulloctopus. The exhibit features interpretations of Emilio Garcia's 'Jumping Brain' figures submitted by artists from around the globe. Other contributors include  Daniel Goffin, Itokin Park, Tokyo Plastic, Nebulon 5 and many more! 
The 'Brain Rider' backstory
"Toy Art Gallery is proud to present Emilio Garcia’s “Brain Evolution” Jumping Brain Custom Group Show. Emilio’s signature creation has enraptured collectors since it’s debut, and this show truly captures the evolution of the Jumping Brain as it explodes across a huge array of forms and mediums. “Brain Evolution” features exclusively produced 6” resin Jumping Brains customized by a huge selection of artists from around the world."

'Brain Evolution' will run from 7pm - 11pm on September 16th and continue until October 10th, 2011 at Hollywood's Toy Art Gallery.


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