Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fashion & Halloween: The Ultimate Halloween Contact Lens Guide!

Alright hairy men and dreadfully gorgeous ghoul-ladies, this is the ultimate Vagina-Guide for your Halloween contact lenses! I will present the best sites for three price ranges. And the reason for why I am already posting a guide for lenses is, better get them -before- they are sold out or that they won't come in time. Ready? set, now go!


I have already mentioned YouKnowIt before, and I will do it yet again, hence they are the best site when it comes to cheaper lenses. They have a very quick dispatch time, free worldwide shipping. Site is easily navigatable, lenses are colour-,theme-, and brand-cathegorized. If you're on a low(er) budget for your costume, this is the best site. YouKnowIt is really known, so trust me, the most popular lenses will be sold out the closer we get to Halloween.
(They also sell costumes and make up for your halloween needs as well.)


Eurolens sells also cheaper lenses, but this is the best place to get more expensive Special Effect lenses. They also sell Sclera lenses, and bigger lenses than the normal size. Click on the link above and it will take you right away to the FX lenses. They have a very broad selection of these kind of lenses, which is always a huge plus. Not to mention the price compared to other sites.

WARNING: If you live outside the US, your lenses will arrive first after 3-4 weeks. I have ordered twice from this site, and never found any kind of options for faster shipping. They do have faster shipping within the US though, which, well, is quite unfair. I had to wait almost a month for my Angelic Blue lenses, so if you're going to order from EuroLens, ORDER NOW.


Now for the most expensive and most amazing lenses for your halloween needs. These lenses are custom made, takes around 5-10 business days to complete, prescription lenses may take longer. You'll be amazed of what kind of lenses they offer. Also check out ABOUT section, you'll find a long list of movies which 9MM provided lenses for.
So also bear in mind, when halloween is getting closer, they also will be getting more orders. Order already now, to be on the safe side. Especially if you're going for sclera lenses, (and never used them before), you will have time to practice putting them in, since you'll really need the time.

>>All the photos in this blog are from 9mm.<<

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