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Tokyo electro/gothic/darkwave group, REMNANT,  began in 2009. Original members, Marie (vocals & lyrics) and Takmi (guitar & programming), were active as a two-piece over the next year, before adding a new member, Rober__tJ (narration & performance) in 2010. The band also performed their first live at the 'Machinery Heaven Vol. 9', alongside Vanished Empire, Toxic Strawberry, Gregor Samsa, Sredni Vashtar, Burst Head Lollipop Honey and zwecklos, in December of the same year.

From the dark and eerie 'Sleeping Beauty', to the electro-industrial tinged 'Darkness eve' and fast-paced 'Ceremonie', REMNANT create a horrorific fantasy world, weaved together by Marie's hauntingly innocent voice. The scenes in horror movies, in which lullabies are being sung sweetly to children whilst something malevolent lurks in the shadows, instantly come to mind.

Aa an unsigned band that have only officially been together for around a year and a half, REMNANT have already developed a great sound and have the potential to improve even further in the future. A definite recommendation to anyone who likes melancholic fantasy horror mixed with varying musical genres.

For more information and to listen to the band, you can visit their official MySpace page:

Interview: Armgardt Richter Rose // Abomination Nursery

HSL recently had the chance to interview custom horror doll artist Armgardt Richter Rose on his inspirations, up-coming horror movie dolls, favourite creation and more...

Could you introduce yourself for anyone who might not be familiar with your work?
My name is Armgardt Richter Rose and I run Abomination Nursery; creating custom horror dolls and art.

At first, what drew you to the horror genre and macabre styles?
I’ve always enjoyed dark artists like H.R. Giger, as well as horror movie monsters. The reactions of an audience to these works drew me in even more.

What are your favourite horror movies/stories?
The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby, & most zombie movies win my heart.

When did you first discover that you had a talent for art and creating things?
I’ve always dabbled in art since I can remember; drawing, sculpting, painting, & trying out just about every other medium, including dolls.

What inspires you when making something?
The quality of special effects of Tom Savini & Stan Winston are something that I’m always trying to strive for.

What prompted you to start Abomination Nursery in 2008?
I had made and sold some dolls a couple years before and in early 2008, I made one for a friend and remembered how fun it was. I started AN and the website as a way to catalog and display the different pieces of art.

Why did you choose that name for your site/brand?
It’s a satirical take on ‘reborn’ baby websites. There are groups of people that take regular dolls and make them look like realistic human babies. They have websites like Angelwing Nursery, Dimples*N*Dewdrops Nursery, and Kissyskids Nursery. Since my art is almost the opposite of theirs, I thought Abomination Nursery was fitting.

Your dolls also have interesting and unusual names. How do you come up with them?
Most of the first doll names are actually picked from a random baby name generator. I just choose random names until something unique sounding pops up. I put more thought into the most recent ones though; choosing variations of relevant words from latin or other languages.

Did you have an interest in dolls before you began making them?
I’ve always collected toys and action figures, but not specifically dolls. I bought my first doll with the intention of making it horrific.

Some artists find it quite difficult to let others buy/have their pieces as they become attached to them. Has that ever happened to you?
I like to keep photos so I have something to remember each doll, but it’s the process of making them that I find the most fulfilling. In the same way, I also enjoy making sand sculptures and sidewalk chalk art; even though I know I can’t keep the final art.

How long, on average, does each doll take to make?
Most of the dolls take around 2 weeks, working on and off. The longest time I’ve worked on a doll is the commissioned work, “The Cabin Doll”, which took about a month.

Is it easier working with vinyl or with porcelain?
Vinyl is easier to sculpt on and move the way I want it to turn out. Porcelain breaks in a more random way, so I usually crack it first, then decide what to do with it. Vinyl dolls also have much more surface area than porcelain, so they usually take longer.

Which doll is your favourite and why?
Hermes, the doll with the flamethrower, is my favorite. I had a ton of fun trying to figure out how to make a miniature flamethrower. I got a bunch of flamethrower references then went to a hardware store and picked out plumbing parts for an hour. It turned out really cool and even had a movable valve that opened and closed. It was also my first time trying to recreate burned flesh. I was really happy with the way it turned out.

Do you try to communicate any specific thoughts or feelings through your work?
I don’t think my work is really that deep. I try to make unique horror art and leave most of my work’s interpretations up to the viewer.

The Cabin Doll
Some of your pieces are quite graphic and gory. Have people's reactions to that ever caused any problems for you?
Not really. If someone comes across my work and doesn’t like it, they usually just stop looking; and that’s something I encourage. Sometimes though, people let me know that I’m going to hell that that they’ll pray for me. They also suggest that I use my artistic abilities to make ‘pretty angel babies’ instead.

You're currently working on a set of movie monster dolls. Can you give us any details about that?
I just finished up Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies. I plan to make a couple more classic movie monsters/villains. These might include a Frankenstein’s monster, Mummy, Nosferatu, and others.

The cuts and blood effects on your dolls are very realistic. Have you ever learnt horror FX make-up techniques?
I’ve never had any formal training in special effects. Most of what I make comes from watching movies and trial & error.

What are the best and worst things about being a horror artist?
The best is being able to make things that horror fans appreciate and get excited about. The bad is people assuming I’m some dark, gothic, morbidly depressed person who had a deranged childhood. I make fictional art and I’m a nice guy people!

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to get into doll making or creating horror art?
My advice for future artists trying to get into the genre is to have fun. If you’re not having fun making art, then you’re not going to do it for long.

Lastly, please could you give a message to your fans?
I just want to thank everyone that has shown an interest in my work and to expect bigger, better, and more interesting art in the future.---------

A big thank you to Armgardt Richter Rose for doing the interview with us

For more information, to keep up to date with news and to view more wonderfully scary dolls, check the Abomination Nursery website.
Or, if you want to meet the man behind the dolls and love horror, Armgardt Richter Rose will be at Monster Mania Con 17, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA on March 11th-13th.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Events: The CANDY SPOOKY THEATER 8th Anniversary The Monsters Showcase

It's been 8 years since horror band The CANDY SPOOKY THEATER first formed and, to celebrate the occasion, they're holding what promises to be a super spooky and frighteningly fun anniversary event!

Date: Wed, 2nd of February, 2011
Venue: Chelsea Hotel, Shibuya, Tokyo

Open: 17:30
Start: 18:00 
Price in advance: 3000 yen  (+mandatory drink charge)
On the day: 3500 yen (+mandatory drink charge)

Calmando Qual



Ticket Info:
You can get the tickets from the following places:
e plus tickets(No.001~No.200)
Chelsea Hotel Shibuya (in person)
Book tickets with TCST via their website ticket form

Venue Details:Address:
Chelsea Hotel Shibuya
4-7 B1, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0042

tel. 03-3770-1567 

I'm not sure if there's any tickets left, but you can try. Since TCST, Calmando Qual, Közi and highfashionparalyze all have their own fanbases, if you're thinking of going, you should probably get tickets ASAP. Have fun, to any of you that are lucky enough to go!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Music & How-To Guides : Custom Doll Head Theremins

Some time ago I came across these fantastic doll head theremins by XLPC and got 2, which I subsequently named Samedi and Dead Boy. I also painted them and added some little details, using epoxy putty, so that they looked more to my taste. When it arrives, each theremin comes looking something like the photos below (though the face shapes and expressions vary) and has red LED lights in its eyes, which you can turn on and off via the red button.
Photo from XLPC Theremin, LEDs off
My two theremins, unpainted, in the dark with LEDs on
The theremin's extra large photo cell reacts to any type of light - light bulb, natural light, flashlight, laserpointer, TV etc. - and then you can control the volume and pitch by moving your hands over the cell. You will need to use it with an amplifier though and distortion units are recommended to get the most interesting sound out of the instruments. There are also no jack leads included, so you'll need to get one yourself. However, the uniqueness of XLPC's products far outweighs those minor details and I highly recommend them!

After customising them, using epoxy putty and model paint, this is what mine looked like:

Samedi and Dead Boy
   Theremin Specs
The XLPC Theremin:
  • 8 ohm speaker (very small, low volume, hence the need for an amp)
  • Red On/Off Switch (for the LEDs)
  • Silver pitch/volume knob 
  • Extra large photo cell 
  • 1/4" Output jack (amp. cable not included)
  • 1 C Battery
  • Doll head and heavy duty plastic case


 1. After lightly going over each theremin with fine sandpaper and making sure the surface was free of dust, I then added lips and fang details to Dead Boy, using epoxy modelling putty (from Games Workshop)

 2. I left the putty to dry completely and become hard (I used Green Stuff rather than polymer clay as it air sets and I didn't want to put the theremin in the oven!) and painted Dead Boy. I used model paint from Games Workshop, since there's a store in my town and their paint goes on very smoothly and evenly, but any good-quality acrylic paint will do and it can be found at most craft/art supply stores.

3. I painted Samedi. When painting, be really careful not to get paint on the photo cell on top of the head as it needs light and won't function correctly if covered

4. Using matte, clear varnish (also from Games Workshop), I then covered the whole of both heads (excluding the photo cells) with two coats, leaving them to dry between the first and second

Obviously you can customise the theremins however you like. I chose to make Dead Boy a vampire baby and Samedi has symbols, which are loosely based on his namesake Baron Samedi's veves, on his face.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Art: Ash Lethal

Ash Lethal
Ash Lethal, the alter ego of Georgia-based artist and designer Ashleigh Fedo, utilises a quirky combination of vivid colours, patterned backgrounds and strong, flowing lines to depict a large array of unusual and fascinating characters in her distinctive creepy-cute style.

'Listen to Your Heart'
The self-taught artist began her creative career in 2007, and has since gone onto exhibit work at events such as 'Bedtime Stories & Nursery Rhymes' at The East Atlanta Tattoo Gallery in 2008, 'Go Green! (Surfrider Foundation fundraiser) at The Doogallery in 2009, 'Mirror Mirror' (group show) at Jack Art Gallery and 'Supernatural Circus' at the ABV Gallery in 2010 and many more.

'Nature of the Experiment'

Lethal also began her art blog, which features her recent works and projects, last year. The blog shows some initial sketches, as well as many finished artworks in addition to giving more information about the origin of each piece, some of  which are not even currently available on her other websites or Etsy store. 

'Nocturnal Torment'

'Bear Claws'

As well as her other work, Lethal also takes on art and design comissions from musicians, private clients, businesses and other organisations. Since starting her professional career she has worked with various clients, including Pin Up Girl! Cosmetics, O'Brother, Numonics, Captain Midnite, and Redeem the Shadows

Shirt design for O'Brother

Pillow with winged skulls design, for private client

To stay up to date with Ash Lethal's projects, to buy her work or for more information, you can visit the following websites:

Many thanks to Ash Lethal for permission to use the images and information.

More images after the cut↓

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Toys & Art: Plaseebo "in cahoots with" Daniel Goffin

Plaseebo's new custom Night Gamers collaboration run with Daniel Goffin
Those of you who read our feature on and interview with artist/toy customiser Bob Conge will already be familiar with his studio, Plaseebo. For those of you who aren't, Plaseebo is a creative studio, through which Bob Conge makes and sells unique and limited figures and collaborates on customs with other artists. Monday, January 24th sees the release of the studio's most recent collaboration; a limited run of customs based on Bob's 'Night Gamers' series, with German customiser Daniel Goffin. As with all Plaseebo figures, the set is based on one of Bob's stories, part 2 of 'Night Gamers'.

"NIGHT GAMERS" Chapter 2 copyright bob Conge 2006

Illustration by John Kastner copyright 2006

Those arriving here during daylight hours quickly realized their delicate pink skin would not tolerate the more intense infrared rays of the Sun in our Universe. While the NIGHT GAMERS had no need of clothing, as we know it, in their parallel Universe, it became clear they would need some sort of protection while here.

After spending the afternoon in the shade of a hollow tree, the two NIGHT GAMERS went in search of food as night fell and stopped to drink from a garden of morning glories that had been coaxed open by the full moon. Nectar was the only food source they had ever known and having no need to consume any living plant or animal served to reenforce their Buddhist view of life as they moved through the environment disturbing as little as possible with the belief they should encounter all things in the order that life experience would present them.

Illustration by John Kastner copyright 2006

The pair left the garden fully fueled with faces covered in bright yellow pollen and found their way that first moon lit night to a toy factory in the outskirts of a small town located in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York.

As luck or faith would have it, this toy factory was known throughout the country for its Teddy Bears and upon gliding through an open second story window, the pair could see illuminated in the cool lunar light these furry creatures in various stages of completion lying on the long wooden assembly tables.
Hov­er­ing above a sec­tion of the wide table they looked down at the flat furry, yet to be filled brown suits. Slip­ping into their new duds they found the bears eye cov­ers had yet to be painted allow­ing them to see per­fectly through the clear lenses. They had only to retract their probes for a per­fect fit.

Hav­ing been a rather event­ful day and night they curled up in a very comfy half full box of fin­ished Teddy Bears and soon drifted off into dreams of their home­land Earth."


Each of these hand-painted/stiched gorgeous little monsters is $375 and has impact activated LEDs installed inside.To learn more about Daniel Goffin's customisation process, check out his posts on the Monster Kolor forum.

As always, a big thank you to Bob Conge for the photos and information.

Night Gamers full backstory

More photos after the cut↓

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Film: Georges Melies "Le Manior du Diable"

Honoring the french "cinemagician" Georges Melies, creator of numerous classic black and white silent films. Here is a clip of one of his most malevolent films, "Le Manior du Diable" (The House of the Devil); a short but fantastic clip made in 1896 filled with classic horror and spooky effects!

(Keep an eye on the skeleton!!!)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Toys: Clockwork Horrors

Christmas brought some delightful creepy cute and horror themed gifts scuttling their way to me this year. These 6cm high  Clockwork Horrors, sold by Hawkin's Bazaar, lurched like little zombies! They come in four designs - Dracula, a pumpkin head, a skeleton and Frankenstein's Monster (not pictured, as sadly, I don't have that one...yet).

Although their balance isn't fantastic unless they're on a flat, smooth surface and they are a little bit noisy, they're well-made, fun toys and you don't have to wind them up much to make them go. Clockwork Horrors would make excellent party bag fillers or equally interesting things to keep on your desk to procrastinate with. 

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Shopping: Retro Rebels Sale

Tattoo, piercing and alternative/horror-themed fashion Ebay store Retro Rebels are having a huge clearance sale (up to 75% off) on everything from badges to shoes to magazines to hats at the moment. Some of the brands included in the sale are Iron Fist, Kreepsville 666, Emily Strange, Lucky 13, Rock Rebel, Sourpuss, CBGB and many more! Gory discount goodies galore!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Horror Shock Lolipop: Contest Winner & Updates

First of all, we hope you all had a horribly horrific holiday season and that your 2011 will be filled with creepy noises in the dark, strange voices and shocks and scares that leave you not knowing whether to laugh or cry! As you may have noticed, the posting on Horror Shock Lolipop has been a little sparse lately, which is largely due to my absense (proof that even monsters aren't free of physical ailments!). However, I'm back and have been accumulating lots of terrifying treasures to share with you over the coming weeks!

Explanations over with, let's get onto the important news...the winner of the Abomination Nursery contest! Unfortunately, there was only one entrant! So congratulations to Ronald "Edweird" because that means you win all of the prizes! Thank you for entering☆

Monday, 10 January 2011

Frankenstein Wax Ghoul on Lake George

During a short vacation to upstate New York, my friends and I came across a small little town named Lake George. Such town held a secret sleep for the winter, but open on the warmer months to just about the whole family. The House of Frankenstein Wax Museum holds beautiful figures inspired by Mary Shelley's novel, with a little bit of creepy and classical aesthetics.
The entire theme of the place has been inspired by various variations of the story, including James Whale's version of the monster tale. At the entrance, one witnesses the monster face-to-face, before uncovering more frightful (and literally educational) details.

If you're in the area, it is highly recommended that you add the museum to your destination.
For more ticket information and business hours, visit their website

Who new such a remote place could hold such wondrous (and random) creepy delights!

Just a block away from the Frankenstein Museum, there lies Dr. Morbid's Haunted House. Frightful on the outside, it's all creepy inside as well. The two venues are simotenously managed, and open to the public ever through the year, except winter months.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Fashion: White Screen Contact lense review

This is the first review of my contact lense review series, so do enjoy!

I will begin this series with a review on the most fabulous white screen contact lenses by ColourVue. I got my pair from a site called (I will be also doing a review on this site later on.) Mine are 1 year contact lenses, but you could get them as 90 days lenses as well. In the beginning I was, like anyone else would be, a bit sceptical about the coverage and how I will be able to see through these lenses.

But as you can see in the image above and also on my profile photo on this blog, the coverage is amazing. I have green blue-ish eyes, so this is how they look in my eyes. I've had so many questions concering how good/bad is the eyesight while having these in. You'd be suprised how well you can see through these, its almost like a fog effect.

I truly don't have anything negative to say about these lenses. Just by looking at the price, the effect and the look you'll be getting, these are a must for any contact lense user or for those who are looking for a more horror-related look.

Side note(s);

There are lenses which covers completely the colours of the eye, BUT, they will block your eyesight COMPLETELY. Also there are FULL eye contact lenses that give this effect, but these are custom made special effect lenses, and they are around 300-400$ for a pair. So these white screen lenses are the BEST choice.

Warning; Your eyes will get faster tired than in other crazy lenses.
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