Saturday, 10 September 2011

Art & Toys: Rotten Rainbow Zombicorns by Abomination Nursery

Rotten Rainbow Zombicorns
These zombie unicorns are new custom horror toys from the ever-creative Abomination Nursery. If you could never quite decide whether to be a pretty princess or a little horror fiend, these are definitely for you!

With their pointy uni-horns, zombicorns would make for pretty deadly zombies, don't you think?


  1. ...seeing this, I'm really starting to regret selling my 47-strong collection of My Little Ponies!

  2. I'M TRULY IN LOVE WITH THESE! I want one for meeeeeeee! hahaha <3

  3. @Kei

    You could probably pick some up for around 50p if you wanted to customise some. I'm sure you'd make them look amazing :D


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