Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nostalgia: Childhood Horror Cartoons

The other day, I had a very nostalgic flashback to my childhood as I was cleaning old VHS tapes away in the garage, and to my suprise, I found my Count Duckula tapes. I mean who didn't watch Count Duckula, The Addams Family, Little Dracula, or even those old Bugs Bunny halloween specials? Not to mention the numerous other amazing cartoons.

But these days, sadly the cartoons and children's television shows are more, well to be blunt, f*cked up. I randomly was watching a children's show on the TV, and it truly felt like having an epileptic seizure and an acid-trip at the same time. I had one of those 'I have been poisoned' moments, "This drink tastes like almond! I have been poisoned!" ...Anyway, you get the point, hopefully. (Not that cyanide gives hallucinations, but that is hardly the issue here!) 

What I am trying to say is, what the hell are these people creating? And thinking THIS is a lot better to show kids than something by far more educational like The Addams Family. Very poorly drawn and animted shows, colours flashing, men in costumes bouncing and touching each other, oh! So educational. If I ever have kids, I will show them these kind of cartoons I watched and grew up with.

What cartoons did you watch as a young ghoul?


  1. Aww those were amazing! my fave horror cartoons as a kid were Beetlejuice, Dr. Globule (the Transylvania pet shop cartoons XD) and Tales from the Cryptkeeper!!!

  2. Ahhh I used to LOVE Duckula! (My Dad did an epic impression of Nanny...'Here we are Ducky-boos, cocoa and choccie biccies!')
    Also loved stuff like Beetlejuice, Knightmare, The Munsters....=D

    Modern kids TV does tend to suck, even when they revive awesome old programs....they manage to ruin them!


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