Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Movies: Beetlejuice 2... rumours?

Hello there little monsters!
Don't know if I should call this good news or bloody awesome rumours... because nothing's official or confirmed yet but there seems to be loads of talk about a sequel of the amazing "Beetlejuice" movie!

Actually there have been rumours and talking about this sequel for ages but apparently now they're becoming more intense and there's a high chance that it will make it to the big screen sooner or later.
There was even a script for it called "Beetlejuice goes Hawaiian", but the screenplay has been rewritten over the years several times, so who knows if it will be the final one.

I'm so interested in this sequel I'll keep you all up to date as soon as I have more info in my hands... until then, see ya little monsters! ;)


  1. 'Beetlejuice goes Hawaiian'? Haha what? XD

  2. HAHAH srsly! look!
    "The Deetz family moves to Hawaii to develop a resort. Construction begins, and it’s quickly discovered that the hotel will be sitting on top of an ancient burial ground. Betelgeuse comes in to save the day."
    that's the supossed plot XD

  3. @Erinia Spooky

    That is so random XD I can't really imagine Lydia living in Hawaii lol


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