Friday, 30 September 2011

Blogger Zombie Walk Post: When Zombies Make Cakes

So finally, here it is, The Blogger Virtual Zombie Walk~!

Sadly, I didn't manage to complete the original idea I had for the post and I was getting a little worried I wouldn't have anything to post today. However, luckily enough some of my zombie friends, from the graveyard across the street from my house, stopped by and demanded to use my kitchen ("KITCHEN OR BRAAAAINSSSS!"), so I thought I'd photograph their culunary efforts. No zombie photos though, because the flash drives them crazy!

They aren't very tidy fellows, but they produced a rather lovely little cake, featuring gingerbread self-portraits. Of course, them being in the latter stages of decay meant that they left some unplanned decor, in the shape of their random body parts, on the confection as well. Fingers, hand bones, ears...

One of them even lost his tongue!

But worry not for this poor zombie, dear readers! For he managed to reattach it with some icing and piping gel! After some trial and error experimentation on the little gingerbread folk, that is...

Unfortunately, I never got to taste this cake, as it was made of pureed brains and I am a vegetarian. But judging by their noisy devouring, I think we can assume it was delicious. Or, at least that I'm safe from the undead and their fragile chomping jaws for a while. Hurray!

Now that you've read Horror Shock Lolipop's contribution, I absolutely must insist that you go to the next blog on the walk below for some rotting good reading↓ If you're doing this in order, the next one down should be Vanessa Morgan :)


  1. That is totally over the top! You should specialize in just zombie goodies. That'd be a bakery that would be ridiculously popular with kids and their parents and think of all the zombie cakes for birthdays! I'd call it "Nom Nom Zombies"

  2. That cake looks amazing! I totally want some zombie brain cake now! haha

    Come check us out:


  3. there's some culinary talent there!

  4. Fantastic post! Thanks for sharing. Zombies ROCK!! :-D


    Check Out My Books!

  5. That looks very, VERY tasty! Great post! :)

  6. That is absolutely wonderful!
    I want a zombie cake for my birthday. :)

  7. I'm really sad you didn't get to try it.

  8. @Autumnforest

    Haha, that's a great name for a zombie bakery! Sadly, even when a store in my town had a horror display in their window just for Halloween they got a lot of complaints and had to take it down D: Zombie discrimination!

  9. @Two Gory Chicks

    The zombies are pleased you like it :D

    PS: Your blog is always awesomely horrific. Love it!

  10. @Melanie

    It must be all the brains they eat ;D

  11. @Screaming Goregasm

    As long as you supply the brains, I'm sure they'd be willing to oblige, haha.

  12. @Pangs

    I'm sad too! They gave me a gingerbread zombie though :D


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