Sunday, 22 July 2012

Toys & Dolls: Living Dead Dolls Figurines - Pumpkin

A few days ago, I received an unexpected parcel and inside was this little axe-murderer - Living Dead Dolls Figurine, Pumpkin! (Madame Luciel had bought him for me and sent him as a surprise - thank you!)

Each 2 inch high figure featured in the Living Dead Dolls Figurines collection comes individually packaged and is randomised. The likelihood of getting each one is detailed on the back of the box and that means that there's a 20% chance of getting Pumpkin randomly. I don't usually like it when companies randomly select which figure you get, but on this occasion it made no difference, as I like all of them equally. 

There is, as usual, a very small chance that your box will contain a rare, third version of Eggzorcist. Even though I do like Eggzorcist, there's only so many versions of her a person can have before they start looking the same. However, since I got Pumpkin on this occasion, that wasn't an issue.

Pumpkin comes in 3 parts: the main figure, an axe and two pumpkins that are joined together. The axe fits snugly and easily into his hands and the pumpkins can be placed anywhere around him, as there is no specific slot for them. The dolls that Mezco have released of Pumpkin in the past have all included machetes as his weapon (correct me if I'm wrong, I only have Pumpkin and one variant), so it was a fun change to have him with an axe this time. 

His pose - with one leg out to the side - is a little strange, but it does suggest that he's just about to chop something up, which is probably the point!

Even though it's quite a small figure, it's solid and sturdy, the details are intricate and, along with his oversized head and features, this helps to give Pumpkin a creepy, cute and crazy aesthetic. For example, the blood spatter on the axe and the black lines that draw out the teeth of his deranged smile. 

Overall, Pumpkin is an adorable little maniac and anyone who likes Living Dead Dolls, spooky cute things, or Halloween (as I do) will probably appreciate him a lot!


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