Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fashion: Sugar Skull Flower Hair Clip from Bethezda's Baubles

I entered a giveaway to win an item from Bethezda's Baubles recently and, much to my surprise, I won! 

The lighting in this photo shows the colours most accurately

It arrived yesterday (in very sturdy packaging, I might add) and is lovely, fabulously detailed and well-made too. The bright colours suit the sugar skull theme well and the raised textures and accents of glitter also give the hair clip an extra dimension.

The clip is a crocodile style one and is comfortable and hold well. There's also a leopard print patch attached to the back in order to hide any glue where the clip is secured, which is much more aesthetically appealing than a bare join. 

Of course, not everyone likes wearing hair clips or has hair too short to hold them in place, but not to worry - the clip is versatile too! You can always brighten up your wardrobe by fixing it to a hat or piece of clothing instead.

The clip, fastened onto a hat
To see more of Lady Bethezda's creations, you can visit her Etsy store or take a look at her blog, Bethezda's Preoccupations


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