Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Liebster Blog Award

We recently got a Liebster Blog Award from Chris Hewson over at Not This Time, Nayland Smith! Thank you! :) So, after a little delay, we're going to pass it on to another 11 excellent blogs! (We did get a Liebster Award before, but the rules were completely different.)

The Rules.

Each person must post 11 things about themselves
Answer the questions the tagger has set for you
Create 11 questions for the people you have tagged to answer
Choose 11 people and link them in your post
Go to their page and tell them
No tag backs

We also tried to tag different blogs than we did last time. Since there are 4 of us writing for the blog, we skipped the "11 things about me" part and went straight to the questions:

1. New or early Batman movies?

Madame Luciel: Newer! Get it done! Wear better clothes! :D

Vagina Galore: Early of course!

Erinia Spooky: Early ones, I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton's Batman and classic movies in general! 
Lilia Tombs: I don't mind the early ones or the new ones. It's the films in the middle that were the worst...

2. What's the longest you have ever gone without sleep?

ML: 3 days
VG: Around 36 hours. Hurray for planes and insomnia at the same time.
ES: 3 days. Went to this gig and travelled during the night so I didn't sleep at all cos buses are quite noisy, and then the previous day we queued so I didn't sleep either, so yeah 3 days and two nights. I've never felt more dead in my life, zombies had nothing on me!
LT: 5 or 6 days. I stopped being tired and everything became hilarious...then I fell asleep lol

3. Your most hated TV show.

ML: Ones with terrible singing D:
VG: I love this question! It has to be either Gilmore Girls or Two and Half Twats (Men)
ES: I'm gonna say the news. They're depressing most of the time and not what I need when I try to relax watching TV!
LT: Reality TV shows and "singing" contest-type shows. You know the reaction Wednesday Addams has to Disney films in 'The Addams Family Values'? Well, that's me watching those shows.

4. Gamer or not?

ML: I Am playing a game right now...:D
VG: Hell yes. Hashtag nerdygirl.
ES: YUP! Though I used to play games way more back in the days, not because I stopped loving it but because I don't have much time right now!
LT: I do like games and I play them, but I'm not into them as much as some people I know

5. Favourite music?

ML: Aggressive electronic music
VG: As in genre, artist or band? Oh dear, well I'll make this one short and informative; Industrial & Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows
ES: Rock and metal in general though to be honest I listen to almost any kind of music except for latin music, reaggeton and all that awfully disgusting stuff.
LT:  I don't have a favourite band / artist etc. and I'll listen to anything that I find appealing, regardless of genre / language of lyrics. Film and game soundtracks are also something I enjoy.

6. Favourite movie genre?

ML: Sci fi horror
VG: Horror, sci-fi and... boobies.
ES: This one is pretty obvious but horror! I also love musicals... and Disney!
LT: Horror and its many sub-genres, sci fi, and experimental / art films, but as with music, I like all sorts.

7. The one country in the world you would love to visit.

ML: The Czech Republic!
VG: A country I haven't visited yet? United Kingdom.
ES: Japan, been wanting to go since forever, also the States, especially NY and Las Vegas! -always been a little dream of mine getting married there, but shhhh....-
LT: Out of the ones I haven't been to yet, New Zealand or The Czech Republic :D

8. Favourite book?

ML:  A Dictionary of Monsters and Mysterious Beasts by Carey Miller
VG: Nemesis by Agatha Christie
ES: Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and the whole Harry Potter saga. Also Wuthering Heights!
LT: At the moment, 'The Metamorphosis and Other Stories' by Franz Kafka

9. Tea or coffee?

ML: Tea in the evening, coffee in the mornings!
VG: Tea, TEA!
ES:  I hate coffee. I'm 100% a tea person!
LT: Tea, but not tea with milk x.x

10. What's the craziest film you've ever seen?

ML: Santa Sangre? There's been crazier, but I want to say that one!
VG: Craziest? fu-huck. I honestly don't know. I cannot stand shitty movies, so I barely have seen any "crazy" crap!
ES: "A serbian film" was some pretty sick sh*t... also the Human Centipede. GROSS. And it comes from someone who loves gore stuff, but that was plain disturbing and disgusting! Deffo not my cup of tea...
LT: I think Andrzej Zuławski's 'Possession' was pretty “crazy”

11. What do you do to chill out after a long day?

ML: I make stuff
VG: Play games or read books, because what? I am, the nerdygirl.
ES: Usually I just sit in front of the computer and watch something, lately I've been watching lots of physics / astrophysics related stuff. I'm fascinated and it keeps getting more and more interesting! Also, when Brian Cox is on them, it gets even better...
LT: Depending on my mood, I do things like paint, draw, listen to music, watch films / documentaries, cook / bake, read, play games, spend time with my cats (or my friends...haha) or go for a walk in the graveyard near me (if it's raining it's more fun :D)

Blogs we're tagging:

Our questions:

1. What's the best horror-themed or spooky attraction you've been to?
2. If you had to come up with a new type of monster, what would it be and what would you call it?
3. What's the worst film you've ever seen (any genre)?
4. Best book you've read (any genre)?
5. If you could create a theme park ride, what would it be?
6. Would you rather have a zombie attack or an alien attack?
7. What's the food that scares you the most?
8. What music do you love / hate?
9. Would you rather live underground, in the sea, or in space?
10. Spiders: Creepy or cute?
11. If you could have any "super power" you wanted, what would it be?


  1. Ok, I'll play, I'll post my answers up tomorrow. BTW, I was following your blog before but I deleted all my followed blogs because of an error with the Dashboard. I've just rejoined with the Google Friend Connect widget but don't be surprised if I disappear from it again because it's still buggy and stops me from getting back into Blogger. Your site is on my blogroll anyway.

    1. Thank you :) Also, I read your post about the Google Friend thing before, but we follow your blog because we like it, not because we just want you to follow back. So no worries!

  2. how sweet... me zombie loves the award.. thank you is what i say and the zombie says... num, num...


    1. Sadly, there's no brains as prizes. Sorry zombie! ;D

  3. Cool, thanks for that, I will have a look into the questions

  4. Thank you very much for the award. I'm sorry it took so long to accept, but I thought today was a good to accept it (visit the site if you are curious why). Otherwise here is the link to what I posted for the award: http://www.promotehorror.com/2012/08/a-liebster-blog-award.html
    Thanks again!!!


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