Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bars & Restaurants: Monsterland Bar & Grill, Arizona

Earlier this year Monsterland Bar & Grill opened its doors in Mesa, Arizona and, since then, their patrons have been having "scary good times". They have horror-themed food and signature drinks including: Swamp Thing and Fritters, Demon Chicken, Gooey Eyeball, Jeckyl Serum and many more! Those of you with children will also be pleased to hear that kids are welcome too and there's even a menu for Little Monsters.

'Inside the graveyard'
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If the frightening food isn't enough to entice you into the ghoulish grill, there's also "animatronics, Hollywood FX, state of the art CGI, and authentic full scale reproductions" lurking inside. 

18 W. Main St,
Mesa, AZ 85201

Tel: 480-461-3300



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