Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Reviews & Games: Slender

'Slender' is a fairly simple, first-person horror game, in which you make your way around a dark forest with the objective being to find 8 pages - with slightly unnerving pictures and text on - that are hidden in various places amid the trees.

That alone would not make it of the horror genre. However, the ominous Slenderman is also lurking around, which almost transforms Slender into "what it must be like to be stalked by a horror movie serial killer" simulator. Maybe that doesn't sound like fun, but it actually is in a creepy kind of way. 

Spot the Slenderman
Although you don't need headphones or speakers for this game, in order to fully appreciate the atmosphere, sound is definitely advisable. There is only the sound of your character's footsteps / breathing to begin with, but as you collect more pages, subtle, foreboding additions are gradually made to the soundtrack.

There's usually some kind of warning when Slenderman is around, or you'll see him from afar at first before he moves closer, which makes him a bit easier to avoid. Then again, sometimes he just comes around the corner suddenly without any warning at all.

Slenderman is sneaky
Oh, and if you can't run away from him and he catches you, that's it. No health bar, no respawning, no save points. Just game over. So be careful and vigilant or you'll have to start all over again.

Whilst the lack of gory killings, no fighting, and less-than-perfect graphics may seem dull to some people, Slender really is very entertaining. I have to admit that at first I was skeptical about the game as well because I just didn't see how the Slenderman could possibly be creepy. However, at least for the first couple of play-throughs, Slenderman made me jump each time he appeared right in front of me (you'll understand why if you play it yourself). Whilst Slender might not be the greatest game ever made, it is highly enjoyable. Definitely worth trying, especially as it's free!

You can download the game from the Slender fansite.


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