Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Games: Slender

Game logo...
Slender is a free game by Parsec Productions in which you play as a woman armed with a mighty flashlight, who must for some reason collect pages, numbering a park...during the night. To make matters more traumatic for this woman, there might possibly be the Slenderman lurking about...
For those who have never seen Mr.Slenderman, he is a friendly being that likes to hug things with strechable (sometimes multiple) arms, is tall and skinny, and likes to wears a suit. For some reason the woman, and those that play the game seem terrified of him... 

A rather dramatic review from IGN :
Few horror games thrust you so directly into the heart of fear. All of Slender’s elements – the lack of a map, the threat of instant death, the slight element of unpredictability of the page locations – all contribute to a pervasive sense of hopeless vulnerability as you frantically flee an unknowable predator who may or may not be directly behind you.

The game can be downloaded for free here! Here's a trailer, just in case you aren't convinced to get it yet:

Edit: Updated links since the old ones no longer work, and added link to new homepage for the game!
Link to game (Windows/etc.)
Link to Slender Website
Link to Parsec productions (goes to another, rather less scary game. Unless you have pancakeophobia... which isn't a word I just made up...)


  1. I love Slenderman, thanks for linking to this I have to check it out :D

    1. Yes, I do too! I downloaded it but haven't got around to playing it yet! D:

      Shall try and do a gameplay review at some point!


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