Sunday, 8 July 2012

Photos: 'Hearses Only'

When wandering around a crematorium near my house, I spied the above road marking. This should be painted on all roads; cars would become more attractive that way. In fact, it should say "Classic-style Hearses Only", because I really don't care for the newer ones that look like elongated Vovlos!


  1. You should see them here in Manila. They are old school and white. Too, they decorate them all up with fringe at times, and parade the casket/hearse down the middle of the street backing traffic up for who knows how far back. People stroll behind it and it's amazing eerie.

    1. That sounds like it would be fascinating to watch! Is it mainly well-known people who have the "parade" type funerals or is anyone's family / friends allowed to do it (as it holds up traffic etc.)? I've always found funeral processions oddly beautiful.

  2. Hey, I tagged you for an award!


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