Monday, 20 December 2010

Creepy Christmas: 10 Strange Stocking Stuffers

Original by Thana Thaweeskulchai
Sometimes, the little things can make the best presents. But sometimes, it's the little spooky things that do! With that thought in mind, here's our list of 20 wonderfully weird stocking fillers, all priced under £5...

Playmobil Scary Ghost
For the strange little (and not so little) girls and boys out there, Playmobil created this glow in the dark 'Scary Ghost' (4650). Complete with a spectral candalabre and chains to rattle, this ghostly figure would be a scary surprise for anyone!

Monster Band Aids
Wrapping paper cuts? Minor carving knife disasters? Fell into the tree whilst showing your dance moves after too much merry sherry? No problem! At least, it wouldn't be if you'd had the foresight to give someone in your house these monster bandages. Not only do they feature four classic horror characters, but there's the added bonus of having them stare at you, in judgement of your foolishness, after applying them too. Nice!

Skeleton Pen

Silly and cute, this boxing skeleton pen is inexpensive and actually useful. Just make sure you're not on the receiving end of those punches kiddies...Christmas with only one eye might be less fun. Though at least you'd have a legitimate reason to wear an eyepatch then.

Eyeball Candle

Speaking of eyes, how about this rather sleep-deprived looking candle? It's fairly creepy, but not so overly detailed that you wouldn't want to burn it. (Yes, I have an eyeball-burning compulsion)

Brain Flavoured Zombie Mints
A shotgun may be effective against zombie, but it's a little cumbersome to run with. So, next time you find yourself in the middle of a viral zombie outbreak, try these Zombie Mints instead. They come in a handy tin, are brain flavoured (if your brain is made of candy) and you can throw them a really long way if you're surrounded. If you're lucky, the mint might even help to mask the rotting flesh-scented breath of the undead too.

Bat Mirror
It's a bat. It's a mirror. It's small enough to fit in a stocking. Another useful, themed gift! 

Carnage Candles
Another candle, but this time, a wonderfully gory one! It's part of the Carnage Candle range at Horror Decor, who specialise in brilliantly bloody and bizarre items for the home. It's an unusual and interesting gift, and seriously, who doesn't want a jar of eyeballs for Christmas?

Lollipop Moulds 
 Do you know any creepy culinary genius'? Well, being honest, they probably won't want this. But for those who just want to make something spooky, the lollipop moulds from Cakes, Cookies & Crafts would make a fantastic and fun Halloween-themed stocking filler. There are 5 shapes - a jack-o-lantern, a wtich, a bat, a ghost and a Halloween cat - and there are tons of other candy, cake and cupcake making supplies on the site too.

Box of Bones
This glow in the dark Box of Bones fits together to make a 12" high skeleton model. It comes in 16 pieces that snap together easily and, when you've had enough of it being on display, you can simply unattach the parts and put them back in the box. Strange AND tidy. Hurray!

Zombie Nation Plush Dolls
Looking somewhat like evil Teletubbies, the Zombie Nation plush dolls come in a variety of types such as the skeleton (pictured) and the more colourful monsters. Don't worry though, those aren't TV screens in their stomachs, it's just their squeezable "horribellies". Aww.


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