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The original MANIC PANIC boutique
Started as a punk-style boutique by sisters Tish and Snooky in New York City in 1977, MANIC PANIC have been making the world more colourful and fascinating for over thirty years! The original store was frequented by musicians such as David Bowie, The Ramones and Cindy Lauper, drag queens and other subculture trend-setters, and its popularity grew in leaps and bounds. By the 90's, all kinds of celebrities, high fashion models, magazines and even movie makers wanted the MANIC PANIC look. 

Although the original shop on St. Marks Place closed some time ago, MANIC PANIC now offer a large range of products online through their webstores. One, St. Marks Place,  sells special sale and discontinued products, meaning that you might just be able to find that amazing colour you thought you'd never see again! 

Long Island City boutique
Long Island City boutique

As well as the webstores, MANIC PANIC also have recently opened boutiques in Long Island City and Venice Beach, along with a salon, which is also located in Venice Beach, giving a whole new generation the opportunity to visit their retail stores. Naturally, the brand's popularity and success has not been limited to the US and the millenium saw mass distribution begin in the UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, Canada, and the Netherlands too.

Some of MANIC PANIC's beautifully bold hair dyes

Unlike some labels, MANIC PANIC's products are generally not over-hyped and work as well as claimed. For example, in my own experience, the semi-permenant dye colour, Vampire Red, came out really vividly even on mid to dark hair. The colour does fade a little after a week or so of washes, but it's only semi-permenant and so I would expect that from a bright colour. However, if you're blonde or pre-lighten your hair as recommended, the colour is likely to be highly visible for much longer.

Casket Basket
The cosmetics, too, have strong pigments, which means that they last longer as you don't need to use much. I particularly like their Casket Basket gift sets and the kits in their Creature of the Night collection. The Casket Basket contains: 1 Virgin white pressed powder compact, 1 Goth White creme foundation, Raven lipstick, 1 Black Magic glitter jewels eyeshadow, 2 nail polish, 4 eye/lip pencils, 1 black rose & 2 spider rings.

Casket Basket contents minus the rose, plus a pot of Scare Crow fangs

Everything is beautifully presented and well-protected in its packaging, so whether you buy it from one of the boutiques or online, you can be sure that it will arrive safely with whoever it's intended for (even if that happens to be you). The face make-up is definitely not meant for full coverage and is obviously not stage make-up, but it's great for everyday wear and subtle, yet noticable, paleness. The Goth White can dry out a little if you store it somewhere warm or leave it open a lot, but mixing a dab of moisturiser with it makes it as good as new.

Final Curtain
Knock 'Em Dead

The Creature of the Night collection total look kits in Knock 'Em Dead (red) and Final Curtain (purple) are not only great products, but great value too, at just $20 for an eyeshadow, creme liner, face powder, lipsticks, lashes, application tools, plus instruction guides on how to achieve three different looks with each kit. In addition to the value for money, all MANIC PANIC products are animal cruelty free and vegan. They were even given an award by animal rights activists PETA because of that, so you can feel good about looking good too!

To buy the above or any other MANIC PANIC products, or to find out more, please visit the following websites:

MANIC PANIC Creature of the Night Collection

Thank you to MANIC PANIC for permission to use images from their websites.


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