Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Creepy Christmas: Bud Rubber Ducks

After seeing the title of this post, I know you must be thinking "but rubber ducks have absolutely nothing to do with horror and spookiness," right? Wrong! The clever people at Bud Ducks are known for making unusual and quirky bath toys and have even made some cute horror/spooky companions.

Horror Duck
Their collection includes such eerie quackers as the blood-splattered Horror Duck, the bony X-Ray Duck, the creepy cute Spooky Duck and the piratey Skull Duck amongst other aquatic oddities. The ducks come in sizes ranging from tiny 4cm avians on keychains to large 15cm bath toys and decorations.

Spooky Duck

X-Ray Duck

They make ideal and unique Christmas gifts for anyone who has a darker sense of humor or just likes cute and comical horror and, even if you don't celebrate Christmas, they're still great and fun items to buy for your friends or even for yourself!

Official Website

↓More photos after the cut below

Rock Duck

Skull Duck

Bikerman Duck


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