Friday, 10 December 2010

Creepy Christmas: 10 Spooky Christmas Items

If you want to create a stunning Christmas display this year, but have a taste for spookier setups, why not try mixing Christmas decor with Halloween props to create some festive fun. We'll be posting guides showing how to do that over the next few weeks, but if you decide you already have enough stress to deal with this season, you could always take the pressure off and let someone else handle it! Below are 10 great, creepy Christmas items that will help you create a scary holiday scene!

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1. Ghost Bust Fright Before Christmas

The Ghost Bust is life-size bust that gives the illusion that it is talking via a DVD that is projected onto it. Originally created as a Halloween prop, 2010 sees the launch of the Fright Before Christmas version! You get a bust, DVD and mountable projector with each pack. It's a little expensive, but great fun. Available from

2. Skull and Pumpkin Tinsel


Poundland make a large number of decorations each year as part of their Real Halloween range, and 2010 was no different. They even made black & white skull and black & orange pumpkin tinsel this year, which would be great for decorating your tree with at Christmas too. Of course, the price is always just one pound at Poundland, which makes these sparkling adornments even better!

3. Abomination Nursery Baby Skull/Arm Ornaments


Abomination Nursery is currently selling three ghoulish Christmas tree ornaments: Baby Skull, Metallic Severed Baby Arm and Metallic Baby Skull. These will definitely make your tree terrifying, and once the holidays are over, you can use them to hang from your car mirror or as jewelry!

4. Fake Crow Tree Topper
Sick of fairies, angels and stars sitting all high and mighty on your pine? Why not try a crow! This fake crow prop has metal wire coming from its legs, which means it's really easy to attach. The bird, available from Brands on Sale, would make a gorgeous gothic tree topper and you could always use it for Halloween as well.

5. Christmas Witch Hat
Whilst this is really just a Christmas tree hat, it looks very much like a Christmas witch hat! So if you feel like dressing up in something a bit silly, but really don't want to be Santa or his wife, here's an alternative. The star on top even lights up! You can get one from

6. Abominable Snowman Costume

Who needs Father Christmas, when you can be a yeti for December?! This Abominable Snowman costume, from is creepy, fun, snow-themed and even makes you up to a foot taller than usual. Also, as a bonus, I'd imagine it's also good protection from the Winter weather and even the horrible holiday jingles too.


7. Black Christmas Tree
If you really want to have a creepy Christmas, as well as changing the decorations, why not substitute the tree itself! This black Christmas tree from Festive Lights is a stylishly spooky choice and ideal for the home, at 6 feet. For more light-absorbing flora, check Black Christmas Tree.

8. Creepy Christmas Crackers

What's orange and black and covered in skulls? Christmas crackers of course! These fantastic Halloween 8" crackers would be great for sharing with family and friends over the day's meals. They come in packs of 10 and have all kinds of creepy crawly novelties inside. Visit Absolutely Crackers to see these and other fun designs.

9. Macabre Cards

Not content being the only one having a dark holiday season? Then head over to Zazzle to see the huge choice of greeting cards and share the scares! Every card/item on the site is designed by their users, so you're bound to find something suitably spooky. The cards featured in the picture are: Christmas Skeleton Tree, I Have A Strange Feeling, Stocking and Zombie Santa, but you might also want to look through the rest of the horror category.

10. Strange Stockings

Last but not least, you'll need a creepy little stocking to hang. There are a lot of creative and unusual ones on Etsy and, as with Zazzle, the items are all provided by users so you might just find something weird and beautiful there. The three in the above photos are: SKULLFINITY, GLOW IN THE DARK Damask Bat Christmas Stocking and Little Culprit on the Naughty List.


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