Thursday, 2 December 2010

Art: Abomination Nursery

Every so often, in the sea of the internet, you find something absolutely amazing, and Abomination Nursery is one such thing. Or rather, a collection of beautifully dark, horror-inspired "things".

Hard as it is to believe looking at his work, Armgardt Richter Rose, the imagination and talented artist behind the creations of Abomination Nursery, only started making such detailed, realistic and unusual-looking custom dolls four years ago! Although he had been involved with art and always loved styles influenced by horror and the macabre, it wasn't until 2006 that he found this new outlet for his abilities and, in November 2008, Abomination Nursery was born.

'Castor Valario'
Whilst the heavy amounts of gore featured may put some people off, if you can get past that and view these extraodinary pieces for what they are - remarkably well-done horror art toys - you'll be in for a grotesque treat. After all, horror, by definition should make you somewhat uncomfortable or scared and if it doesn't it's not doing its job properly!

'Cabin Doll'
Although the main focuses of Abomination Nursery are the vinyl and porcelain dolls, Armgardt Richter Rose also makes things such as displays, sculptures, ornaments and decorative homeware pieces. He also sells prints of the dolls and some other items, including great holiday ornaments that are currently available, through Etsy.

'FaceBox' with light-up eyes
The current Abomination Nursery project is a set of movie monster dolls, and it's sure to be equally as stunning as all the previous works! To keep up to date with further news about that project, and any others to come, you can visit the following websites:

Thank you to Armgardt Richter Rose for the images and information.

Additional images after the cut below↓

'Adelisa Psyche'

'Macabre Candelabra'
'Oliana Roselaine'
'Juneau Eldred'
'Breen Mackendra'


  1. hi..I was wondering if I could use one of your images to make layout banner that I will be used on hogwarts extreme..well if it gets chosen..I am in no way earning anything from this..only my username will be shown as one who made layout..I will be editing the picture..or using the doll to make dark layout.I find these dolls scary as well as I came here to ask for your permission or permission of person who made them

  2. Hello, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I can't give you permission to use the photos, but if you go to Armgardt Richter Rose's contact page here: I'm sure he'll answer your questions :) Good luck with your banner!


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