Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Games: Zombie Mosh

Zombie Mosh is a new game on Facebook, in which you create a zombie character go up levels by moshing with other zombies. When making your little undead darling, you have quite a lot of choice as to what they look like, and you can change their appearence any time you like, which is great considering the game is still only in beta testing. It would be better if you could change the colours of the items too though, because not all of the accessories go together in their default state.

The game takes place within your club and the clubs created by your friends. You can customise your club by buying items from the store with money you get from moshing. Other zombies enter your club and you can interact with them, or you can travel to your friends' clubs and mosh with the zombies there instead. When you mosh in your friends' clubs, you also gain fame, in addition to money and experience. There's also a third option; you can 'grow' your own zombies by planting the humans that wander in from time to time in graves. As you go up levels, you unlock new types of graves, that in turn produce new kinds of zombies.

The one annoying thing about the game, and most games of this kind on Facebook, is that for every action you do, you have to use a certain amount of energy. Once that energy is gone, you have to wait nearly 4 minutes to get 1 energy back, unless you want to pay a silly amount of money for bones, which you can buy special and energy-replenishing items with. So for that reason, it's not really a game you can play for more than about 5 minutes at a time. However, when you go up a level, you recieve bonus energy (how much depends on what level you're at) and you do regain a full energy bar at the beginning of each day.

Whilst it's obviously not the best game ever made, overall, Zombie Mosh is quite entertaining, has a charming look to it and the creators seem to be adding new features regularly. It's worth checking out if you have a Facebook account, some time to kill and a love of zombies!

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