Friday, 18 March 2011

TV: Frankenstein's Wedding...Live in Leeds on BBC3

I was kindly given this article, which appeared in the Daily Mail, earlier today. It's about 'Frankenstein's Wedding' - a live, musical affair that is inspired by the sparsely detailed event that is Victor and Elizabeth's wedding, in Mary Shelley's gothic horror novel, 'Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus'.

The 'creative director' is Colin Teague (also directed 'Doctor Who' and 'Being Human') and the leads of the production are David Harewood (in the BBC's latest version of Robin Hood, as Friar Tuck) as the Creature, Andrew Gower as Frankenstein and Lacey Turner (ex. Eastenders) as Elizabeth, Frankenstein's fiance. Teague as the director seems like a good choice, but I have to say, I'm not overly enthusiastic about the cast. Who knows though, they might all be fantastic and I may be completely wrong. At least Harewood seems to have actually taken the time to research the character he's playing. (Keep in mind that he said he'll base his portrayal on the novel rather than the movies).

The rest of the cast and performers consist of over 2000 actors/dancers, a choir of 60 and a 12-piece band. the whole lavish affair will take place at Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds, requiring the actors to scurry between various parts of it in front of 12,000 audience members as well as those watching at home! That said, isn't that what stage actors have always done? Performed live? Still, it is quite a feat, considering the scale of the Abbey.
Anyway, 'Frankenstein's Wedding' airs live on BBC Three, tomorrow (Saturday, 19th March) at 8pm (GMT). I think it will be worth watching, if only because it's something a little different and because I'm a sucker for anything 'Frankenstein'-inspired. The Abbey backdrop will also be stunning, I'm sure.

For more information, dance moves (yes...learn the choreography, kiddies!), and video diaries, check out the 'Frankenstein's Wedding' page at the BBC Three website!


  1. Argh! I'm too late. I missed it. Looks like i'm going to have to search the net for this. It sounds very, very cool indeed.

  2. Well, the Creature was good at least! lol But I'll let you watch it yourself before I say anymore.

    They're replaying it now, and also at 3:50am. Then again on Thursday night/Friday morning at 3:00am.

    You can also watch it online for the next 11 days:

    Hope you like it! :)


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