Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Photography & Jewellery: Amanda Norman

Amanda Norman

 Amanda Norman is a gothic and horror photographer from the UK, whose macabre lense on the world once again proves that dark and eerie subject matters can also be beautiful. Her specialties include dark portrait photography and graveyard photography, but she also shoots gargoyles, statues, creepy houses, churches, castles and many other spooky places. Often using high contrast black and white photography, Norman manages to capture the darker, stranger sides of her models and unusual views of places that might otherwise seem ordinary.

As well as her work being a product of her talent, Norman also cites inspirations including the classic Universal horror movies and promotional shots, Hammer House of Horror, photographer Simon Marsden's work and, of course, her own creative imagination. The influence of horror film promotional photographs is particularly evident in her portrait work, as rather than hiding and editing out the subjects' 'flaws', Norman accentuates and highlights these features to bring out an otherwise hidden scary and sometimes unattractive aspect of them. If you're a fan of horror however, you might think they look better that way!

Blood Vial Skull Necklace by Amanda Norman
In addition to creating fantastic photographs, Amanda Norman is also a jewellery maker and graphic designer and runs Gothic Jewellery Box and Umee Design. Her jewellery is equally as gorgeous as her photography and each piece is handmade. The metalwork also features superb detailing, such as the beads on the Blood Vial Skull Necklace (right).

To find out more about Amanda Norman and her projects or to buy/see more of her work, take a look at the following websites:

Amanda Norman Photography

Many thanks to Amanda Norman for giving us permission to use the images!

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