Friday, 25 March 2011

The Everyday Bizarre: Street Creeps

Hello all! I am Ciel and a new contributor here on HSL. Just wanted to introduce myself, so I hope you will enjoy my posts :)

I'll start off with what I call a 'street creep'. Unusual and creepy scenes from everyday life!

Shot was taken on the bus ride through London. I was still half asleep at the time, so you can imagine the shock I had! XD.

I'll look forward to posting more street creeps, I'm sure I will run into more weirdness on my travels.


  1. hahaha this was definitely a fun post to start with XDDDD welcome to HSL again! x

  2. Hahahaha! at first i didn't quite see what it was in the photo but than i saw those invisible men. Good post and good luck!


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