Thursday, 24 March 2011

Movies: Book of the 1000 Deaths

Hello there little monsters~!

Today I'm going to talk about an upcoming movie which caught my attention recently!
Its title, "Book of the 1000 deaths", and it's directed by Andretti Dante. It will be released in 2011, but the exact date hasn't been announced yet.
And what is it about?
Well, Lila, the legend teller, will bring us 4 different stories based on urban legends. And, guess what, none of them with a happy ending! These four stories are titled "The Clown Statue", "Kidney Jacking", "Bloody Mary" and finally "The Man, the Myth, the Legend".
Lila The Legend Teller tell these legends while joking around about the victims who lose their lives! Creepy, huh?

If you want to read the full synopsis for this movie, or find more information about the cast and so on, just go to their facebook page:

Some legendz will kill you... will you be next?


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