Tuesday, 29 March 2011

How-To Guides: Pumpkin Parcels

Today brings another find from an article in a magazine that was kindly given to me. It was in the October 2010 issue of Your Home, which had a section about Halloween crafts. None of them are on the website, so I thought I'd make them and share the guides here.

First up - Pumpkin Parcels! I used orange tissue paper instead of crepe paper and green tissue paper & cellotape instead of green florists tape, but they are essentially the same.

They're really easy to do and, depending on how many you make, only take between 5 minutes and half an hour to produce. You could put little presents or sweets or anything else you want inside and draw jack o' lantern faces on them to make them more individual, so they're also pretty versatile.

My pumkin parcels

You will need:
  • Cellotape / double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Green tissue paper (or green florists tape)
  • Orange tissue or crepe paper
  • A pen
  • Something to fill the parcel with
  • A dinner plate (to draw around, not pictured)
More pictures and a step by step how-to guide after the cut below↓


Spread out two sheets of the orange tissue/crepe paper on a flat surface and draw around a dinner plate with a marker pen to give you a circle. If you want a smaller/bigger parcel, then change the size of the circle accordingly.

Cut out the circle. Put your presents in the centre of it, making sure you add enough to fill it, but leave a gap around the edge. I used brain, bone & skull candies, and monster finger puppets to fill mine.

If you are not using green florists tape, gather the edges of the circle up and twist them in the middle, creating a pumpkin shape. fasten it with double-sided tape, or cellotape that has been folded over itself to create two sticky sides. Cut the green tissue/crepe paper into strips.

If you are using green florists tape, do the same, but fasten your parcel with the florists tape instead. Tadaaa~! Your basic parcel is done!

If you didn't use florist tape, then wind the green tissue/crepe paper strips around the top of your parcel.
You can then decorate the pumpkin with a face, or leave it blank.

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  1. Those are so cute, and look so simple to make! I guess they'd make good decorations too, hee hee! Thanks for the tutorial!


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