Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Toys: Monst☆rs

Photo by Kei
Monstars are the brainchild of the ever creative Kei (yes, that that prefix appears on her birth certificate) from the crafting blog Unfortunately Oh! They are all designed and made by Kei and have their own personalities and little hearts to show you that they're not that scary. Of course, no one knows where those hearts actually came it's probably best to take care of yours if you have one, just in case!

My Monstar, The Polka Dot Terror
I was lucky enough to be given my very own Monstar as a present and he now resides with his fellow horrors (above). He used to have a bow, but it was stolen by Nosferatu the cat. However, he was featured on Unfortunately Oh! along with his siblings recently, so you can see the red dottiness below.

TPDT says hello!
The Monstars come in all colours and shapes and have been shipped off to parts of the UK, Japan, Finland and Canada so far! If you ask Kei very very nicely, you too might be able to have a Monstar friend yourself!

Photo by Kei

For more wonderful craftiness, you should definitely visit Kei's blog:

More Monstar photos below!↓

Photo by Kei

Photo by wingsinacage

Photo by Kei


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