Monday, 15 August 2011

Monster Monday: The Pale Man

The Pale Man from 'Pan's Labyrinth' (Image from Bits of News)
Get ready to draw eyes on your hands, put them up to your faces and uh...devour children! Alright, maybe not the devouring children part, but for Monster Monday this week, the spotlight falls on the gloriously ghoulish Pale Man, from Guillermo del Toro's Spanish-language masterpiece 'Pan's Labyrinth' ('Laberinto del Fauno' 2006). 

Ofelia and the Pale Man (image from Movie Connoisseurs)
The Pale Man sits motionless, in his underground lair, at the head of a table laden with delicious-looking food. He lies in wait for any hungry children that may find their way into his chamber, with his eyes on the plate in front of him. If the child should give into temptation, and dare to eat from the platters of nourishment before them, they'd better get out of there quickly, the pallid monster will be awakened from his stasis. 

The Pale Man (from
Against the warnings of her fairy friends Ofelia, the main protagonist of the story, makes the mistake of tasting some grapes on the table, causing the Pale Man to become animate. After killing two of the fairies, he then chases Ofelia, who is forced to run for her life and climb to safety through a magic door she outlines in chalk on the ceiling. 

Even those who don't like the movie surely have to admit that the Pale Man is a fantastic monster. Definitely the stuff of future childhood nightmares!


  1. Totally love that movie. Pale man is a great monster :D

  2. @Kei

    I will still never understand why, after seeing the plate with eyeballs and the paintings of him eating children, Ofelia still takes food from the table. (Okay, so then nothing exciting would have happened, but still! XD)

  3. I most definatley loved this movie I just wish it was in English!!!

  4. @Rainbowjackks

    Thanks for your comment :)
    I guess it would be easier to pay attention to the visuals if it was in English (I don't speak Spanish either), but I'm SO glad it wasn't dubbed. Subtitles are -always- better than dubbing ^.^


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