Thursday, 4 August 2011

Games: Zombie Farm

Lately, there seems to be a multitude of Facebook zombie games looking to cash in on the current popularity of the undead lurchers. Zombie Farm is one of the newer additions and tries to claim individuality by stating that, whilst they do fight other zombies, the walking corpses do not actually eat brains, as they are vegetarian. Alright, that sounds acceptable because in various mythology, zombies just need to be necrotic creatures, brought back to life by some dark force (or even hypnotised living humans) in order to do the bidding of those controlling them. In that respect, the raising a zombie army to fight your enemies games work very well. 

Yeah, don't worry about them hiding in the bushes
or the other zombies they decapitate, they're nice!
"Strawberry Paradise", but you still need brains!
However, if the zombies are indeed vegetarian, why then do you need, in addition to coins and Facebook credits, brains as a form of currency? Who exactly is eating these brains? You? Secret zombie cannibals? Or do they simply steal the brains of other zombies (and vampires and...Harry Potter??) in order to use them to fertilise their crops with? Well, the answer is no. There is really no reason for the brains, other than to enable the creators of Zombie Farm to make you buy items, seeds and zombies with them. When you consider that you can also buy brains with Facebook credits, it them becomes even more obvious that the brains are only there to make money. 

All that would be alright, but, as with most Facebook games, you don't get a great deal for the amount of money you have to pay and you can't do very much unless you wish to pay or have a lot of your friends that also play the game. If you buy a PC or console game you at least own it and don't have to pay more just for the privilege of completing the game (excluding online monthly subscription games). 

Vegetarian? Yeah right! Zombie Santa wants to eat your braaaaaaaiiiinnnnssss!
However, no one is forcing you to play or pay and the game does have some positive points too. The character designs, for example, are quite interesting, ranging from basic zombies and skeletons to zombie Batman to zombie Santa to vampires to zombie circus performers. This makes it more entertaining to look at, which is good because as with all farm management games, the play can become quite tedious and slow at times, especially if you don't want to buy currency with real money. 

It's okay for you to eat brains, as long as they belong to a zombie, of course!
In addition to the characters, the "invading" is quite interesting too. You take your little zombie horde to battle another (random) Zombie Farm player's horde and, once you've gotten rid of all their nice thoughts of flowers and chocolate and made them think of brains, they fight. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you earn money and experience. If you're fortunate enough to have magic spells, you can use them to help your zombies or hinder the enemy side. There is also the possibility of losing all your zombies in one battle, but don't worry, you can always grow new ones!

Who do those hands belong to? Zombie giants?
Overall, Zombie Farm is a cute horror-themed Facebook game to play if you have 5 minutes to spare or are procrastinating. Ultimately though, spending any real money on it seems somewhat futile and I'd recommend something like Plants vs. Zombies instead if you want to buy a cute, spooky, zombie-themed game.

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  1. Lilia, that game definitely sounds like something you'd come up with! Am going to check it out when zombies aren't nomming on my frontal lobe!

  2. @Kei

    I wouldn't have Santa in it though! Haha

    Hope your brains survive the zombie onslaught! x.x;


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