Friday, 5 August 2011

Books: Tales of the Sisters Kane

I recently received a package, from Kei of Unfortunately Oh! (thank you!), filled with Halloween recipes, spooky brooches she had made and this delightfully strange book. 'Tales of the Sisters Kane' is a collection of cautionary rhyming tales and charming photographs by Christy Kane. The book contains four extended poems:

  • Lily...the seamstress
  • Polly...the roller skater
  • Callalilly...the pianist
  • The Triplets...and Wisteria

Lily...the Seamstress by Christy Kane
The tales, which were apparently told to Kane by the dolls she creates and photographs, are peppered with high-contrast, slightly creepy pictures illustrating each unfortunate, but life lesson-teaching fate. (I cannot stress enough how much more beautiful the photographs are in the book compared to the photographs I've taken of them!)

The Triplets...and Wisteria by Christy Kane
The style of the story telling rather reminds me of authors/artists like Edward Gorey, mixed with traditional dark fairytales such as Hansel and Gretel. However, despite that slight reminiscence, this book is very unique, unusual and is definitely one to check out if you enjoy child-like, creepy fables mixed with original and spooky art.

Callalilly...the Pianist by Christy Kane
One of the stories, 'Callalilly...the Pianist', has also been made into a great short film by Jerrold Ridenour, which features The Sisters Kane themselves:

Christy Kane:
"About the Author:
Christy Kane graduated from NYU with a degree in photography.
She has been creating dolls and documenting their happenings
for centuries. To learn more or inquire about purchasing a doll of
your very own visit "

Christy Kane


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