Friday, 19 August 2011

Fright-day Foods: Witches Brooms

Today's Fright-day Food is really quick and simple to make, because you don't actually have to cook or prepare anything! For Witches Brooms, you will need:

  • Twiglets or straight pretzels (for the broom part)
  • Pocky/Mikado or bread sticks (for the broomsticks)
  • String or florist's ribbon (to hold it together)
I used Twiglets and Mikado because that's what I found in the store, but Pocky and pretzels would work wonderfully well too.

1. Take approximately 5-6 Twiglets/pretzels and put them in a bundle. 
2. Cut a length of florist ribbon/string and place the bottom of the Twiglets in the middle of it.
3. Wrap the ribbon around the Twiglets and make a single knot to hold them in place. Then, holding each end of the ribbon, continue to wrap it around, making a single knot each time. 
4. When you have about an inch of both ends remaining, tie a double knot.
5. Arrange the Twiglets so that they fan out at the top slightly. This will create a small hole at the bottom.
6. Gently put the Mikado/Pocky into the hole. Make sure you do this quite slowly, as it can easily break otherwise. The Twiglets will then hold it in place.

I had originally tried to make these using sewing thread, but that isn't thick enough and makes the whole process much more fiddly than it needs to be. I then changed to florists' ribbon, cut into thin strips and that worked perfectly.

These are really easy and add a spooky touch to a horror or Halloween dinner!


  1. I'm going to put all these recipes in practice as soon as my exams are over XD!

  2. @Erinia Spooky

    Good luck with your exams and have fun making the recipes! ^^


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