Thursday, 27 January 2011


Tokyo electro/gothic/darkwave group, REMNANT,  began in 2009. Original members, Marie (vocals & lyrics) and Takmi (guitar & programming), were active as a two-piece over the next year, before adding a new member, Rober__tJ (narration & performance) in 2010. The band also performed their first live at the 'Machinery Heaven Vol. 9', alongside Vanished Empire, Toxic Strawberry, Gregor Samsa, Sredni Vashtar, Burst Head Lollipop Honey and zwecklos, in December of the same year.

From the dark and eerie 'Sleeping Beauty', to the electro-industrial tinged 'Darkness eve' and fast-paced 'Ceremonie', REMNANT create a horrorific fantasy world, weaved together by Marie's hauntingly innocent voice. The scenes in horror movies, in which lullabies are being sung sweetly to children whilst something malevolent lurks in the shadows, instantly come to mind.

Aa an unsigned band that have only officially been together for around a year and a half, REMNANT have already developed a great sound and have the potential to improve even further in the future. A definite recommendation to anyone who likes melancholic fantasy horror mixed with varying musical genres.

For more information and to listen to the band, you can visit their official MySpace page:


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