Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Fashion & Shopping: The Ultimate Horror Contact Lense Guide!

As I wear contact lenses quite often, I decided to share my secrets where I get my contact lenses! So this guide is ideal for those who are already planning their Halloween costume or who need something to oomph up their horror outfit for whenever! Or even for those who are wanting to be more GOREgeous!

I think it is best to start with the most common lenses, which are the normal sized ones. Younknowit offers a wide range of colour and crazy&horror lenses. Cheapest webshop I know of. They offer free worldwide shipping also. I am a youknowit-holic, so I've used their service without any kind of problems.

Now, let's talk about some seriously freaky contact lenses. And these lenses are for you, who are willing to pay a tiny bit more. If you are looking to really shock people with your horror themed look, there is a site that which makes such amazing theatrical lenses. 9mm SFX is a company that makes completely custom lenses. They require base curve and diameneter so they can make the lenses to fit your eye perfectly. 9mm SFX lenses are used in horror movies as well, since they are such good quality, and the gore effect they give. 

Needless to say, 9mm SFX is the ultimate source for your horror/undead/virus infected/vampire eyes.

Even though I am all for getting full eye contact lenses, if you are not used to wearing lenses, you will probably have problems getting them in.

All the photos in this blog entry are from 9mm SFX.


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