Friday, 14 January 2011

Horror Shock Lolipop: Contest Winner & Updates

First of all, we hope you all had a horribly horrific holiday season and that your 2011 will be filled with creepy noises in the dark, strange voices and shocks and scares that leave you not knowing whether to laugh or cry! As you may have noticed, the posting on Horror Shock Lolipop has been a little sparse lately, which is largely due to my absense (proof that even monsters aren't free of physical ailments!). However, I'm back and have been accumulating lots of terrifying treasures to share with you over the coming weeks!

Explanations over with, let's get onto the important news...the winner of the Abomination Nursery contest! Unfortunately, there was only one entrant! So congratulations to Ronald "Edweird" because that means you win all of the prizes! Thank you for entering☆


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