Sunday, 23 January 2011

Art: Ash Lethal

Ash Lethal
Ash Lethal, the alter ego of Georgia-based artist and designer Ashleigh Fedo, utilises a quirky combination of vivid colours, patterned backgrounds and strong, flowing lines to depict a large array of unusual and fascinating characters in her distinctive creepy-cute style.

'Listen to Your Heart'
The self-taught artist began her creative career in 2007, and has since gone onto exhibit work at events such as 'Bedtime Stories & Nursery Rhymes' at The East Atlanta Tattoo Gallery in 2008, 'Go Green! (Surfrider Foundation fundraiser) at The Doogallery in 2009, 'Mirror Mirror' (group show) at Jack Art Gallery and 'Supernatural Circus' at the ABV Gallery in 2010 and many more.

'Nature of the Experiment'

Lethal also began her art blog, which features her recent works and projects, last year. The blog shows some initial sketches, as well as many finished artworks in addition to giving more information about the origin of each piece, some of  which are not even currently available on her other websites or Etsy store. 

'Nocturnal Torment'

'Bear Claws'

As well as her other work, Lethal also takes on art and design comissions from musicians, private clients, businesses and other organisations. Since starting her professional career she has worked with various clients, including Pin Up Girl! Cosmetics, O'Brother, Numonics, Captain Midnite, and Redeem the Shadows

Shirt design for O'Brother

Pillow with winged skulls design, for private client

To stay up to date with Ash Lethal's projects, to buy her work or for more information, you can visit the following websites:

Many thanks to Ash Lethal for permission to use the images and information.

More images after the cut↓

'Hissy Fit'

'Bear Arms'

'Bear Crawlers'

'Coming Up From Behind'

'Cupcake Killer'

'No More Reindeer Games'


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