Friday, 5 October 2012

5th: Halloween Decor - Cat Clown in a Pumpkin

The '5th' in the title is referring to today's date, the 5th of October. This is because I'm taking part in The Countdown to Halloween, but joined up a little late. So the countdown commences from today here!

Anyway, the above photograph is of an ornament I got last year featuring a cat dressed as a clown, in a pumpkin. It came from TK Maxx and, strangely enough, in my experience, they often have odd handmade decorations like that in there. This one is approximately 20-25cm tall and even though I have no idea what exactly the Juggles the Kitty (that's not really his name, I just made that up, obviously) is supposed to be doing, it has cats, clowns, pumpkins and a vintage feel, so I love it! (Seriously though, what do you think he's doing there o.O?)

Most of it is made of something that feels like a slightly heavier version of papier mache, with the accents being made of various fabrics. The cat looks pretty derranged - in the nicest possible way though! - and he's got his tongue sticking out as well.

The pumkin is also fairly unhinged with his swirly eyes and slightly open mouth, but it's the details like that that make this piece rather charming!

This post is part of The Countdown to Halloween


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