Tuesday, 23 October 2012

23rd: Carving Pumpkins...With a Gun

The zombie uprising isn't for a few months, but lots have people have been getting prepared early! This one man Mr.  has apparently combined zombie preparedness with Halloween festivity and now uses this to carve his pumpkins!

This man has videos going back to 2009 of this method, and has released one for this years season!

It does have the bonus of carving both sides at the same time! Though the face is a little :- | it would be a very quick method for some last minute pumpkins during an assault of the undead!

This post is part of The Countdown to Halloween


  1. Brilliant way to combine zombie preparedness and pumpkin carving =D

    1. Yes it is! I wonder if a shotgun (the ultimate zombie fighting deathwand) would be any good. Might be a bit splatter-y...but the pumpkin would be great for pies (after the lead was removed)! :D


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