Thursday, 18 October 2012

18th: Halloween Decor - Skeleton Garland

This spooky skeleton garland is from Asda and was given to me yesterday as a "get well" present, along with a bag of other Halloween goodies! The garland consists of five skeletons, which are made of painted plastic and held together on a length of twine.

Each of them has jointed arms and legs, which means they can each have a unique pose. Their head also turn slightly, but I haven't moved them too much, as I'm not sure that this was intended.

These are really fantastic and I think when they've ceased to be Halloween decorations I'm going to transform them into a necklace of sorts, or pin them to a shelf in my room (it already has a large, jointed skeleton hanging from it...).

Although the skeleton garland isn't available on Asda's online store, they do have some other great Halloween horrors:

Also, Cherry Neko informed me that they have big chocolate skulls at some Asda shops as well :D

This post is part of The Countdown to Halloween

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