Monday, 10 October 2011

Art, Jewellery & Fashion: Haus of Bizarre

Le Petit Corbeau by Haus of Bizarre
"The Haus Of Bizarre was started by two siamese souls conjoined by the heart but torn apart by their limbs for conducting experimental surgery on countless patients that were committed to the Haus. 
 Bizarre rumors have been heard of the two still roaming the Haus conducting their experiments on whatever poor treacherous souls that maybe unlucky enough to have entered the Haus Of Bizarre"

That is the wonderfully horrific premise of the dark, horror art, jewelry and clothing shop, Haus of Bizarre, taken from their website (which is in itself an aesthetic and aural delight). The Haus creates everything from horror-inspired t-shirts, to macabre fine art prints, to decadent gothic jewellery, and everything in between. 

Blood Feast T-Shirt by Haus of Bizarre
Although the most horrific thing about many makers of clothing, jewellery and art in a similar vein is the exorbitant cost of their items, Haus of Bizarre manage to pair devilishly unique oddities with extremely fair prices. For example, a t-shirt costs approximately £10.50 whilst a gorgeous coffin necklace is only around £9.00. They sell items through their Etsy store and the HoB site webstore and, even if you don't have any spare coinage at the moment, it's still worth taking a look, as their creations are really strangely beautiful.

Blood of Dracula Coffin Necklace by Haus of Bizarre

Vintage Prosthesis Art Print by Haus of Bizarre

Many thanks to Haus of Bizarre for permission to use the images.


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